Terms & Conditions

  1. Aqua Swim School and it’s  owners & teachers shall under no circumstances be held liable for any accident or similar event or the consequences thereof, occurring on the premises or any other premises used for the purpose of swimming or training, and all persons attending these classes do so at their own risk.
  2. No liability will be accepted for the loss of or damage to property belonging to participants or spectators whilst attending Aqua Swim School lessons.
  3. Our fees for children’s lessons are presented on a termly basis per and are payable before the starting date for the lessons. An invoice/booking email and notification of the start dates for the lessons will be sent to you prior to the commencement of the lessons.We accept payment by Cash, Cheque,Pay-Pal or BACS payment.(please note any fees incurred due to cheques being returned will be added on to your bills and paid by the customer not Aqua Swim School)
  4. By enrolment on a course you are confirming your agreement to pay the term’s fees in full, any cancellations must be made 14 WORKING days before the start of the new term and will always be acknowledged by Charlotte , otherwise assume we haven’t received your cancellation and the first 2 weeks fees will be due.
  5. No refunds can be given for pupils stopping once the term has commenced.
  6. If for example your child has an accident therefore not allowing them to participate in the swimming lessons (for example breaking an arm etc) a doctors medical note must be shown to Charlotte and we will credit your remaining lessons on a credit note which you can use once well enough.
  7. If fees/re-enrolment fees  are NOT paid by the date shown in the invoice and one late reminder text/email has been sent and the fees still remain outstanding seven days after the sending of this late reminder notice Aqua Swim School has the right to terminate your lessons and presume you will not be continuing with us and the waiting list will be opened.
  8. No refunds or allowances can be given due to absence, holidays or sickness, instead we can offer a “make up lesson” where a choice of classes will be offered to allow your child to make up for the missed lessons. Please note this is subject to availability of spaces
  9. Aqua Swim School will not be conducting lessons during bank holidays and at times determined by the owners. Lessons are term time only and we follow the Dorset term dates unless otherwise stated.
  10. In the event that any lesson/s has to be cancelled we will offer an extra lesson at the end of the term providing the pool is available for hire. Only if the pool is not available will the refund for the lesson/s be credited to the invoice for the following term or a refund given if you are leaving us at the end of the term.
  11. Any refunds that Aqua Swim School need to process for any reason please allow up to 21 WORKING days for them to be processed by cheque, please note refunds will NOT be given because you or your child decides they do not wish to continue.
  12. The enrolment details given by yourselves will be filed.Any changes are to be in writing.
  13. Aqua Swim School reserves the right to change or cancel a course at any time. Arrangements will be made to reschedule where possible.
  14. Aqua Swim School reserves the right to change teachers at any time if need to although to keep the children having continuity with their lessons we ask all teachers to commit in writing to the term.
  15. Participants must declare any factors or information, notably of a medical nature, at time of booking this will be saved on your enrolment form.
  16. On enrolment of a course of lessons and by payment of the fees due, pupils and their parents/gaurdians are agreeing to the Aqua Swim School’s Terms and Conditions as stated on this page. Please note from time to time these are updated as necessary and are available to read at the poolside as each lead teacher has a copy included in their registers.
Once you pay your swim fees to Aqua Swim School you have agreed to the terms & conditions above.
Thank you for reading and we are excited you have chosen to swim with us.
Aqua swim school team.